YouTube: Video-Viewing Platform

One of the world’s most popular video-viewing platforms YouTube actually receives over 2 billion hits every single day! YouTube which is owned by Google actually was launched back in 2005 and since then it has grown and grown.

Currently 70% of YouTube’s traffic is actually now coming from outside the US! Now YouTube has found out a way to convert these “video viewers” into something valuable – money!

Now YouTube has promoted videos and 10,000 brand partners and as it is owned by Google it has helped their shares soar in value. But this isn’t the limit! YouTube mobile is hitting off too and now gathering around 7.1million unique visitor’s month on month.

Brick technology web design is going to walk you through from the very beginning…

It all began in February 2005 when founders registered the http://­youtube.­com domain name, then just three months later in May they launched the YouTube Beta. It was then apparent that funding was required in order for YouTube to reach full potential and so in November 2005 £2.31 million of funding was secured from Sequoia Capital.

December 2005 saw the official launch of YouTube!

Heading into 2006 and it was the month of July which saw YouTube hit the 100 million video views per day! The first ever concept of advertising on YouTube was then introduced in August before October saw YouTube obtained by Google.

YouTube went global in June 2007 launching in a total of nine other countries and this proved to be a busy month and June 2007 was also the launch month of the YouTube Mobile site. It wasn’t till a whole year later in the August 2007 that InVideo advertising launched.

The statistics were reviewed and in January 2008 it was found out that ten hours of video was actually being uploaded every single minute. Just seven months later in October 2008, this amount of video uploading increased to fifteen hours every single minute!

November 2008 saw Promoted videos launched and then the following January of 2009 expanded their ads which meant they now were in a total of seven different formats. Well known brand Disney then must have realised the power of YouTube and the phenomena that it was becoming as in March 2009 they signed up in a partnership deal.

2009 seemed to be a big year in the way of partnerships and companies signing up with YouTube. April 2009 was when YouTube started to show hundreds of TV episodes and movies which were probably what encouraged their first major network deal. Channel 4 signed up for catch up TV on YouTube and there was even a live stream video from a O2 concert!

In October 2009 YouTube reached the 100 billion views per day marker!

It would seem that even the governments wanted to be involved as in February 2010 there was even a live stream of the YouTube interview with President Obama. There was now 24 hours of video are uploaded every single minute and YouTube well and truly passed their 1 billion views per day mark seeing easily over 2 billion!

With a total of 94 out of Adage’s Top 100 advertisers now running advertisements on YouTube and the Google Display Network and a audience of over 2 billion people each and every single day, having your company or business set up a YouTube channel can really help for you to get your brand, products and services out there.

Still not sure about setting up a YouTube channel? Here are some top facts and figures regarding YouTube:

  • More than 13 million hours of video was actually uploaded in 2010 alone which is the equivalent of 150000 full length movies being shown in a cinema every week!
  • YouTube is localised in 25 countries and across 43 languages
  • In 2010 YouTube reached over 700 billion playbacks
  • 10% of YouTube videos are available in HD format and YouTube has more HD content than any other video site
  • A content ID scanner actually scans over 100 years of video every single day
  • YouTube has 10000 partners and over one hundred of these are making six figures from YouTube every day!

Brick technology, web design Lancashire can set up your YouTube account and through our media production services we can help you get professional videos in order for you to showcase your brand, company or business, services and products at ease to the 2 billion people who grace YouTube every single day!

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