What is Internet Marketing?

There is varying views on what internet marketing actually is; online marketing can be a very complicated item to cover and condense and within internet marketing there are a number of things you will come across along the way such as, SEO, PageRank, PPC and article submissions amongst others.

It is important to note that although there are a number of internet marketing strategies to remember some are extremely positive with pleasing results whilst others are negative and extremely unethical.

What is internet marketing?

In the simplest terms internet marketing are strategies adopted which are favoured in the search engines. Although it is used to attract human visitors to the site it is also used to attract robots and search engine bots to the site to index your pages and rank you highly for these.

Search engine optimisation plays a vital role within internet marketing and most commonly this term gets mixed up with search engine marketing. You should note that the two are very different. SEO is everything to do with the optimisation of your website in order for it to be more readable to what is known as search engine crawlers.

Search engine marketing refers to marketing your search engine through the World Wide Web in order to try and enhance and increase your rankings to where you are placed within the search engine results. When optimising your website then you need to ensure a number of crucial items are addressed such as title tags, META description tags and relevant keywords and phrases throughout your site.

Another vital component which makes up internet marketing is the off-page marketing which needs to also be addressed. There are numerous amounts of ways in which the same end goal of increasing page rank and getting higher in the search engine results for your keywords and phrases can be achieved.

Back linking, although tedious at times is perhaps one of the important strategies which matters and it involves placing links on other websites which then link back to your site. It’s these links which act as a vote for your site which pushes you up to the top of the search engine rankings.

There is no doubt that internet marketing is a vital tool in order to succeed online and take the number one positioning for your chosen keywords and phrases. Brick technology has a number of internet marketing clients who are seeing the vast improvements which are being made by our team’s efforts.

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