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Brick technology are pleased and proud to welcome Wedding Dress Fabrics (WDF), the newest client to choose us to represent them online. An international venture, Wedding Dress Fabrics is based in the UK but is aiming its products at an American market. This represented several challenges that our web development company accepted - and succeeded at - with great relish!

The WDF story began in 1932, when a man named J.H. Godfrey Weisters and his family moved to the UK from their native Germany. Quickly becoming involved in the textile trade, Weisters set up his business patiently and methodically, gaining him renown for the quality of his work. Since that time, the company has gone through many changes but remains in the Weisters’s family - Duncan Weisters now heads the business - and now specialises in the sourcing and supply of quality wedding dress material.

WDF now employ more than 65 people and branching out into the American marketplace is an important step in the evolution of the company. It is, of course, crucial for the business that this venture goes well and Brick technology are fully prepared to help them every step of the way, drawing on our considerable well of knowledge, talent and experience. We are completely comfortable with international clients and trade - our customers sell products from Blackburn to Brisbane and from Darwen to Detroit!

We have created a mobile-friendly website for WDF; adaptive and responsive, it will provide customers with an optimal online experience whether it is accessed from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Mobile websites are now essential to the success of an ecommerce business as the number of customers using such devices to browse and buy products and services continues to grow at a seemingly-unstoppable rate.

The content-managed website allows the staff of WDF instant and simple access to the many features available, one of which is the accurate management of product prices. As WDF is a UK-based business but is selling to American customers, this feature is of particular importance, allowing staff to translate between currencies with ease. As standard, a powerful search facility is included on the website designed and implemented by Brick technology, along with easily-navigable, intuitive product sections that focus on up- and cross-selling.

We look forward with great pleasure to working with WDF and would like to welcome them to Brick technology. To see the new site for yourself and experience its deft modernity, please visit www.­wedding­dres­sfabrics.­com.

Web design and development provided by Brick technology is of the highest standard. To find out more about how your ecommerce website could be completely transformed, call us today on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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