Web Development Lancashire - Welcome to GuardTour

Our last article welcomed Wasteclean, one of two companies who have recently chosen Brick technology web development Lancashire to create for them a contemporary online presence. We would also like to introduce and welcome GuardTour, one of the largest and most highly-renowned providers of Time and Attendance Management Solutions in the UK.

GuardTour’s mission is to ‘prove presence and limit risk’ and, to that end, the company have been providing innovative and reliable time and attendance solutions for more than ten years to a wide range of industries including healthcare, education, construction, security and facilities management. The monitoring of mobile and lone workers in these industries is essential and GuardTour’s many customers span the spectrum from small independent businesses to major blue-chip multinational corporations.

In order to maintain their formidable reputation in the sector, GuardTour are committed to a program of company development, part of which is ensuring a modern, mobile-friendly website. This is where Brick technology web design Lancashire come into the picture, bringing with us many year’s of practical experience, an eager and talented web development team and our own impressive reputation gained from a proven track record of successes.

The company’s new website, which is sleek, smart and professional, has now been launched as is already increasing in popularity and attracting more visitors. We have designed the site to be responsive and adaptive, meaning that the huge and ever-growing number of internet users who choose to access the web on a mobile device can be immediately and professionally engaged.

The superb visual style and impeccable functionality of the public areas of the website are equally matched by our behind-the-scenes control centre which allows GuardTour to effectively and efficiently monitor and edit any aspect of the business’s online interaction. From stock reports to web analytics the unmatched power of our unique Content Management System will provide GuardTour with everything they need to successfully maintain a fresh, engaging website.

Please visit the new site at www.­guardtour.­co.­uk and contact us on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk to start your own journey to a better, brighter online future with Brick technology Web Design Lancashire.

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