Web Design, What does it say about your business?

Working as the Editor for Brick technology we unfortunately are approached by a number of new prospects who are not happy with their website provided by another web design company and so are looking for a new web design company to help them out.

They have gone through the process of web design, web development and tried other services provided by the other web design company such as internet marketing and search engine optimisation. Still though their website just isn’t ranking highly within search engine results, there are no more sales or enquires than before and they are left wondering why they paid out for a website.

As with any industry there are a number of companies out there who claim to be something they are not! The same goes for the web design industry; essentially your website needs to look professional, receive good levels of relevant traffic, engage with visitors, convert visitors into customers and be easy to use.

Failure to think about these carefully within a web design proposal could prove critical to the websites overall performance within search engines. The problem usually comes down to first impressions. When someone types a keyword into Google or into another search engine such as Bing, Ask Jeeves and various others they may click through to your website.

On clicking through they will make a split second decision on whether or not to stay. You may well have the best products in the world but if they are presented to a customer through a poorly designed website the chances are they will go elsewhere.

With all the scams and cyber activity which goes on people are often looking to see whether the website reflects a company they want to deal with. If the site looks a bit dodgy or poor in quality and this compares to a site which looks more professional and high in quality yet a product is £2 more than they are more likely to shop at the higher priced on because they are reassured by the web design.

The problem comes with other companies when they claim to generate a number of hits to their websites. Generating traffic to the website is important but if on arrival visitors are presented with a web design which is simply awful then even if there are 1 million visitors they are likely to leave resulting in a high bounce rate.

Alternatively a website which generates thousands of visitors and presents a highly professional web design where all 1000 convert is much better than one generating millions who do not convert.

First impressions count – if you want yours to be a good one then contact a professional web design company.

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