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Have you ever accessed a website from your smartphone or tablet and found it difficult to use? If so, you will have almost certainly abandoned it quickly and found the information you were looking for elsewhere. Websites that are not mobile-ready, requiring endless panning and zooming or long load times, are quickly falling out of favour and nowhere is this more the case than for companies trying to sell a product or service online. Abandonment rates for such websites are high, causing companies to lose valuable customers and fall behind in the crowded and fiercely competitive online marketplace.

With the number of online purchases made from mobiles and tablets continually increasing, now is clearly the time to consider upgrading your existing website in order to provide customers with the seamlessly professional online experience that is now expected as standard. Responsive design, secure payment systems and access to HD images and videos are all major factors that influence purchasing decisions and so it is essential that all of these systems function to an optimum level.

Brickweb custom web design Manchester are offering new and existing clients the chance to revolutionise their online business strategy by upgrading their website. A powerful, effective and infinitely customisable Content Management System (CMS), offering businesses complete control over every aspect of their operation, provides the nerve centre for a sleek, contemporary and responsive website that displays optimally on whichever device it is accessed from. Dynamic content, provided by our expert creative team, offers customers the up-to-date experience that shows them their chosen company is dedicated to being fresh and contemporary while our technical staff work continually to ensure the site is always working to its highest potential. 24-hour technical support is also provided as standard by Brickweb.

Brickweb offer a free consultation and review of your current website. Without obligation, we will show you how your business could be dramatically improved with a website upgrade, keeping you at the vanguard and ensuring your competitors do not leave you behind.

For more information or to book your free consultation with our world-class web design company, please contact +44 (0)1254 277190 or email at info@brickweb.co.uk.

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