UK has Highest Mobile Connection Speed in the World

UK has Highest Mobile Connection Speed in the World

Akamai Technologies is regarded as the #1 provider of CDN (Content Delivery Network) services in the world and has recently released its latest State of the Internet report, focusing on the first quarter of 2015.

The report, which signals the pre-regulatory onset of Akamai’s acquisition of EE and, according to analysts, puts pressure on rival phone companies to either trade assets or merge, reveals that the UK has the fastest average mobile data connection speed in the world - a figure which continues to rapidly grow.

The UK is one of only a handful of countries in which average mobile data connection speeds top those of average fixed broadband. Akamai’s influential and much-read State of the Internet Report Q1 2015 shows that, in the UK:

  • Average broadband data connection speed is 11.6 mbps

  • Average mobile data connection speed is 20.4 mbps

  • Mobile data speed has increased by a massive 28% from Q4 2014

Mobile data speeds are linked to the amount of radio spectra the chosen wireless provider operates and these spectra work more efficiently when aligned in large, contiguous blocks. Low-frequency spectra are of particular interest to wireless providers as these signals travel exceptional distances and improve indoor services by passing more easily through obstructions such as the walls of a building.

Akamai’s State of the Internet report for the first quarter of 2015 shows the ever-growing importance of the mobile device. If you haven’t upgraded your website to be mobile-friendly, then you will miss out on valuable custom as discerning mobile users find a more contemporary alternative.

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