Top 10 Internet Marketing essentials for 2010

Internet Marketing techniques are growing almost daily right now, discover some of the really important things to do with your Internet Marketing in 2010

1: Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Still the best and most effective approach

2: Facebook/­Twitter/­LinkedIn marketing – There is a sudden surge of social media-SocNet based marketing this year

3: Keyword Research - Using natural search phrases, choosing your niche

4: Video Marketing - Youtube still works!

5: Online Public Relations - People still trust information shared over legitimate PRO services

6: Link Building - More of a requirement for SEO to build popularity and trust

7: Blogging - Three cheers to all bloggers! Blogs are considered a trustful mechanism for online marketing as well as for influencing potential buyers.

8: Conversion Web Design - A good site with an intuitive design, a magic landing page and ‘call for action’ prompts will market better.

9: Paid Search Marketing (PPC) - PPC advertising is still an option but not the best when you consider the investment v/s returns

10: Email Marketing - It’s still around and going strong but pick it at the cost of loosing some trust and the risk of being branded a spammer.

If you look at the top of the list, you will see that people trust things better when it is ‘naturally’ discovered via search rather than forced on to them via PPC advertising or email marketing. Also, consumers are tending to trust the social content delivery (may not be a good trend) more as Social networks are becoming part of everyone’s daily life.

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