The Language of Web Design

The Language of Web Design

For those in the know, the language of web design is used fluently though, if you are not so internet-savvy, it can sound like complete gobbledygook! Especially to help and give confidence to those people who need it, here our web design company break down ten of the more common terms.

  1. Domain Name
    this is the name that identifies computers on the internet. It can be seen in the URL of a website - e.g. in www.­brickweb.­co.­uk, Brickweb is the domain name

  2. URL / URI
    this is the complete web address. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier.

  3. Banner
    an eye-catching, informative graphic used for advertising. Usually placed at the very top of a website to draw maximum attention to new products, special offers and more

  4. Hyperlink
    usually referred to simply as a link, this connects web pages to one another. Internal links take the visitor to another page of the website when clicked while external links open web pages on other websites

  5. SEO
    stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Using a variety of methods from targeted keywords and content development to link-building and software such as Google Analytics, better rankings on major search engines can be skillfully achieved and maintained

  6. Navigation
    how a visitor gets around the website. Refers to menus, buttons, clickable icons and links as well as the effect these have when operated

  7. HTML
    the language used to create, format and display web pages. Stands for HyperText Markup Language

  8. Sitemap
    based on navigation, this represents a visual architecture of the website’s contents

  9. PDF
    developed by Adobe, these Portable Document Format files can include fonts, graphics and other necessary information along with plain text

  10. Thumbnail
    a version of an image greatly reduced in size and resolution, intended as a preview in image galleries

Our long-established web design company is renowned for offering a unique service that allows people of any internet skill level to get closely involved with the design, building and maintenance of their company’s e-commerce website. We will ensure that your business objectives are constantly met and help you to continue raising the bar, delivering world-class technology with precision, consistency and reliability.

Need any more jargon busting? Check out our e-commerce glosary to find more terms. 

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