The Index of the Internet

Aiming to reveal the full impact of global internet use, the Web Index was recently launched. The study has been instigated by Tim Berners-Lee on behalf of the Web Foundation and is a “multi-dimensional measure of the web’s growth, utility and impact on people and nations“. Covering 61 developed and developing countries, the study will assess many aspects of internet use and its infrastructure.

A press release from the Web Index revealed that Sweden is currently the best country at making the internet a profitable, useful tool and making it work for the country. Sweden is closely followed by the USA, with the United Kingdom in third place. It can clearly be seen from these statistics that the impact of internet use in the UK is massive.

The growth in internet use has been exponential since its introduction. Businesses were quick to take advantage of the new technology which led to the famous ‘dotcom boom’ of the late 1990s. Many organisations made large amounts of money and the value of their company’s stock skyrocketed. This growth has continued, with almost every business and organisation having some kind of internet presence.

With the number of websites in existence, competition can be fierce. An internet user has countless choices of sites from which to purchase products or glean information so having a clear, attractive and easy-to-navigate website is vital. The smallest details, such as a site’s organisation, colour scheme or font, can make all the difference to how long a user remains on a particular website, how they interact with it and ultimately, whether they decide to make a purchase or not.

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