The Brickweb Team

One of the things that has allowed Brickweb to consistently stand out from the crowd is our focus on personalising the experience of our clients. Providing a completely bespoke service that grows and develops with the business it represents, the Brickweb team work seamlessly together to create the most powerful online presences.

We do not, and have never, out-sourced any of our work. Instead, we prefer to rely on our dedicated team in the UK, UA and Canada who, maintain close contact with one another, can provide the highest standard of custom web design quality by remaining in constant communication. This contact also includes the client at every level as we believe that they are best placed to inform us of their ever-changing business objectives which we, using our access to the most up to date technology combined with our 17+ years of experience, help to achieve.

The nerve centre of any website is the Content Management System (CMS). From here, every aspect of the website is controlled, from customer-visible aspects such as the product range and buying facilities to the behind-the-scenes operations of traffic monitoring and business management. There are many one-size-fits-all types of CMS available such as Joomlo, Magento and Wordpress; although these systems may facilitate the creation of a serviceable website, the finished product is not something that is likely to be popular amongst today's discerning internet user who seeks a responsive, adaptive website. The bespoke Brickweb CMS has been built to offer a powerful solution to every need an e-commerce business may have, fulfilling every task with authoritative precision.

Brickweb's digital agency also differ from many others in the skill, expertise and prowess of our dedicated teams. From professional photographers and copywriters to administrative and technical personnel, our staff receive constant training to ensure they are able to provide the most dynamic and relevant content, providing your e-commerce site with a strong internet presence that ultimately leads to increased traffic, brand-awareness and sales.

To find out more about how Brickweb can revolutionise the way your business operates online and to book your free, no-obligation review and consultation, please contact +44 (0)1254 277190 or email

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