Successful Internet Marketing

A necessity of any business who wishes to succeed online internet marketing plays a vital role. It helps to generate regular traffic to a website and without it there would be fewer visitors resulting in fewer conversions and suffering profits.

Entering into the Internet Marketing world does not have to be scary, Brick technology can help you through every single step of the way. In order to work out the most effective method of tackling internet marketing within your business then there are a few things that we need to understand.

Firstly, book a consultation with Brick technology on 01254 277190. We will then sit down with you and get to know a little bit about your business, we need to be able to define a business objective from this discussion. Knowing exactly what it is you want to get out of your site and setting out suitable, reasonable business objectives.

Business objectives can include a number of sales per week that you want, a number of phone enquiries that you wish to receive, a newsletter sign up per week or other various objectives. These can be changed at any time.

What we will then do is identify a target market, who is it that would be your ideal customer. What types of people are you looking to attract. To say everyone is simply lazy! What you need to do is break down large groups into sub-groups and then make each message unique to them. People have a need to feel special, generalised customer service and standardised content doesn’t excite them.

Our Editor, Hannah Pearson is onboard the internet marketing team to help with the next step of generating high quality, unique and relevant content. Therefore Brick technology take time to get to know both you and your business.

People do business with people and at Brick we are no different. Know exactly how your content is going to reach your target market, social networks is the in thing currently and so targeting this is a great start. Brick technology web design automatically has your website news feed to social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Next we will work on trying to convert traffic, you could have brought a large number of visitors to your site but if they are not converting then it is no use! Ensure that your site design is clear, concise and easy to use. All of our websites are fully compatible across a wide range of platforms and are extremely user friendly. Once there is regular flows of traffic analyze it! Google Analytics can easily see the effects of your marketing efforts.

Once you have taken the time to digest and understand Google Analytics you should draw some conclusions and act upon them. Maybe some paid advertising isn’t bringing you the results that you expected, so then you can cancel these services or maybe and more hopefully something is working in which case you would put more effort into these.

Internet Marketing should never be taken lightly, for a professional and friendly approach contact Brick technology on 01254 277190 or email

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