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After a long, cold, wet and generally miserable winter, spring has finally arrived! With everything feeling fresh and new at this time of year, it is no wonder that spring cleaning has become ingrained in our culture and this can apply to much more than domestic chores. Spring is a perfect time for keeping to the saying 'out with old and in with the new' so why not treat your e-commerce business to a brand spanking new upgrade that is guaranteed to attract and fully engage a plethora of new visitors?

In the mistaken belief that switching to a new digital agency will be a cumbersome and costly process, many owners of e-commerce businesses choose to stick with their current provider, even if they are not fully satisfied; the same thinking leads lots of people to stay with their current bank or power company. Brickweb have created a service that allows you to switch to us with the minimum of interruption, offering a whole new internet experience to your customers and driving your brand forward.

Choosing to work with Brickweb offers your company full access to the talents of our expert, hand-picked team. Working in perfect harmony to achieve your unique business objectives, the team will create, maintain and monitor an impressive internet presence, driving customers to your website and engaging them with dynamic content presented in an adaptive, responsive format. This means an end to the frustration of using a website that is not optimised to display perfectly on any device, an issue that is quickly causing such sites to fall behind in the ratings as today's discerning internet users seek a better, more contemporary experience. Joining us is simple and can be broken down into three simple steps as explained below.

1 - Don't just take our word for it.

Firstly, we invite you to browse our extensive portfolio of existing clients to see first-hand the attractiveness, usability and modernity of our websites. From major international manufacturers and suppliers to independent businesses located right next door to us in Blackburn, we treat all clients on a strictly individual basis in the belief that every business is different and therefore has unique requirements. After browsing some Brickweb sites, we then invite you to read our 'Testimonials' page, where several current clients have kindly taken the time to share their Brickweb experience.

2 - Come and talk to us.

If, after browsing our clients' diverse range of websites, you would like your own e-commerce business to benefit from similar features, simply call our friendly and professional team to book a free consultation. We will invite you to our office or visit you at your choice of venue to discuss your current website and marketing strategies, before offering clear, concise and no-obligation advice on how your business could perform better in the crowded internet marketplace. After sharing all of our information and insights, we will create a bespoke proposal that fully details the intended project brief.

3 - Let work commence!

Upon full approval after detailed discussions, our expert team will set to work on creating your bespoke website. We do not provide a simple website template, instead we put together a complete internet presence, at the heart of which is our custom-built Content Management System, which offers many powerful features. With more than 17 years' of experience in the field, our team utilise a combination of techniques to ensure your website remains fully optimised, bringing in and engaging a large new customer market.

Call Brickweb today and book your free, no-obligation review and consultation. You can contact us on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk. Brickweb - changing the face of e-commerce.

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