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The brains at Facebook have today backed off plans which were originally made and would allow external websites to see users’ addresses and mobile phone numbers. Moving away from this idea was probably influenced by the fact that top security experts have raised concerns about how such information would be used. They further advised that if this plan was to go ahead then users’ of Facebook would become exploited by application developers.

Are the plans scrapped completely?

Although the brains at Facebook have backed off this is only temporarily as stated in their blog. Facebook are now working on finding a way to ensure that users’ know what information will actually be available before they release it behind closed doors as so to speak. They want to ensure that you only share such information when you want to.

To flip everything on its head however Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's main man, wants to cement the relationship between over 500 million members and the wider internet. In his opinion having access to mobile phone numbers and physical addresses will be somewhat of a benefit.

Brick technology and our iPhone, iPad and mobile device applications

The latest news from Brick technology that we are now producing some amazing iPhone, iPad and mobile device applications actually relates to the main argument against Mark Zuckerberg harshest critics. Their worry is that applications could be created that would use the information for purposes such as SMS spamming or even profit it through selling the information and date onto cold-calling companies.

A further launch towards our privacy being endangered?

With Facebook also launching its location based “Places” service within the UK which allows people to “check-in” wherever they are has raised even more privacy concerns.

You can also see where your friends have “checked-in” but it takes a further step when the service lists nearby businesses and attractions. Although this has numerous privacy controls in place telling people exactly where you are is something which happens from day to day, default setting means only friends on Facebook see the “check-in”.

This all sounds well and good but unfortunately friends can tag you into a “check-in” and you are by default tagged when in reality maybe it should be defaulted based on a purely opt in basis so nothing can be posted without consent.

How many people are desperate to tell the world exactly where they are?

Plus the harsh reality of the following example:

Bob: “check-in”: the local shop

Molly: “check-in”: the local pub

Are they really going to see that they are within minutes of one another and arrange a meeting - maybe the new service is only limited to certain users or maybe it is just me, but I really couldn't imagine myself arranging to meet up with Bob if I was Molly.

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