Snow is to continue but how are we coping?

It is that freezing cold time of the year again where everyone looks like they have gained a few extra pounds and that is before the turkey has even been eaten! But in reality what actually has happened is that everyone has put on a few extra layers in order to be able to face the cold, snow and arctic conditions which face us when we step out of bed, and open our front doors!

This year, like the previous year we have been blessed with snow which covers the landscape and when caught in the beam of our headlights, the snow glitters creating a sense of magic. However, as pretty as it may look and as magical as it may feel – it has a nasty side!

With a rise in accidents on our roads due to icy conditions, tyres not gripping and drivers just not being aware of how dangerous the snow and ice really is. We have been left with devastating results of people being injured, killed and even stranded overnight on motorways it still manages to cause more problems.

Our countries airports are under strain after the snow has left them in some icy situations!

Gatwick Airport was able to reopen at 6am this morning after closing overnight due conditions being too severe for any landings or take offs. Passengers who have previously had flights cancelled are not over the worst of it yet though! They have further disruption to look forward too, with Heathrow Airport operating no more than a third of all flights until 6am on Wednesday morning and further delays expected, our airports are going to be under fire from angry customers wanting to make it to loved ones in time for Christmas.

We were all sat here in the Brick Technology office thinking we had it bad, wrapped up in our many layers so were snug but the coldest temperature overnight hit the low of -17.6C and that was in Crosby, Merseyside as well as in Katesbridge, Northern Ireland. So really our temperatures of -13C are warm in comparison!

Forecasters predict that it will be Boxing Day before we see the snow back down so we are supplying you with some little hints and tips to bear in mind:

    • Only make necessary journeys, leave the car home if you can.
    • If you do have to make a journey make sure you have warm clothes, food, water, boots, a torch and spade.
    • When driving do not be tempted to overtake, slow speeds is vital – it is better to get somewhere late but be alive than to not arrive at all because you have gone to fast and lost control of your car.
    • It takes ten times longer to stop in snowy or icy conditions so allow for extra room and don’t try and get into the boot of the car in front.
    • To avoid wheel spin try and select the highest gear possible, if you start to skid then ease off the accelerator and avoid braking however, if this is necessary then pump the brakes do not just slam on.
    • If you do get into a position where you are stuck, stay with your car and tie something brightly coloured firmly to your aerial – someone will realise you are in danger and need help.
    • Ensure that you inform the person of your arrival time and also the route that you are going to be taking.
    • Check on vulnerable neighbours, usually they won’t want to trouble you so just check they are okay and if they need anything etc. After all it is the season of goodwill.
    • Grit obviously is good on the roads, pathways and driveways but also cat littler is another alternative since grit can be hard to get hold of when it is in demand.

Merry Brickmas from everyone at Brick Technology, Web Design in Blackburn!

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