Smartphones - the predictions for 2011 and beyond!

In February 2010, Brick technology took a look at what the rest of the year would provide in terms of smartphones. Previously there has been the Palm Pre, the N900 and of course the most well known, the iPhone.

With the excitement that was created from this introduction of the smart phones into our everyday lives we have decided to take a look at what 2011 and beyond could see occurring in regards to our smartphones, features and their capabilities.

So, what can we predict for 2011 and beyond?

Over the next few years we are going to see our smartphones development rocket, the changes implemented will be dramatic and extremely noticeable. We can base this on the pattern which has already been occurring, for example in 2005 we same the Apple iPhone released; it featured a decent sized touch screen which featured an easy finger flicking operation of the phone. It also featured apps that you could download onto the phone and we have seen these apps develop over the years which have followed.

The rumour of a new Google phone was proved and they released this in the form of a brand new, exciting operating system. We saw touch screens, accelerometers, GPS-based location awareness and these are just a few features which we saw appearing in force in the last few years offering a whole new take on the market.

Will smartphones replace the PC?

This is a change which will show itself over the next few years realistically. Smartphones are small in size in comparison to your average laptop; we are also seeing smartphones actually incorporate more of the qualities of a laptop. We have seen this recently when Nokia launched their N900, running on a Linux operating system it can operate very much like a MacBook being able to multitask.

With fast processers built into today’s phones the future can only see them running the crème de la crème of full blown apps such as the ever so popular Adobe Photoshop. Predictions for 2015 suggest that smartphone replacements will allow for various multitasking meaning that you can play your favourite game (Angry Birds of course!), chat to an internet marketing client, sort out various web designs and stream audio from Spotify! All that power placed right in the palm of your hand!

Get yourself connected devices!

Yet another item we can look forward to, the idea of being fully connected to another device which is 100 miles away or even as far as 10000000 miles away! The ability to send over a whole album of photos, all your favourite apps through Wi-Fi, practical, easy and brilliant at keeping people in touch – connected!

Predicted that in 2015 will know when you are near a Starbucks, Takeaway or shop and will have the ability for you to simply pay your bill through them. This augmented reality – the live direct or indirect view of a physical, real world environment when the elements are actually augmented by a computer generated sensory input will become a vital tool where social awareness is concerned.

Social Networks

Our smartphones already come complete with Facebook apps, Twitter apps and various other socials. Adding accounts, viewing emails and sending them, as well as being able to view contact details all in one thread is just one of the multi services that are evolving.

A further nail in the coffin for our computers, there will be no need for Facebook or Twitter to be used on them because we will be able to swap information with people in real life and real time. You can share information via these within an instant such as your plans for the night, or where you actually are – we are already seeing this with people updating their status or tweeting whilst at work, home etc.

Gaming expands and goes mobile

2009 saw the gaming world take a hold, graphics were second to none and the actual quality of the games created was really something truly special, games like Call of Duty brought the frontline to your front room!

The same has occurred with our mobile games where graphics really improved. The prediction for mobile gaming will ultimately be to connect people once more, gamers will be able to connect with each other for multiplayer shootouts with not just one person but 12, 15, 25 people who are playing all over the world.

The development of faster processors and Wi-Fi connections gamers will be able to play to their hearts content through their smartphone and take advantage of high-resolution graphics, co-operative play and various other console like features.

As such, the smartphone of 2015 and beyond won’t just be an essential traveling companion – it may be your one-stop connection to the computing world at a large scale. Brick technology wants to be very much a part of this and recently we have been producing some fantastic iPhone, iPad and various other mobile device apps.

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