Search Engine Optimisation: Google Vs Bing

Introduced by Microsoft, search engine Bing is now proving pretty threatening to Google. Although Google is dominating Bing has actually taken 30% of the US Search market share.

Bing had 30.1% in March, 14.32% of these came from and the remaining 15.69% came from Yahoo search which Bing has been powering since August last year. All in all though Bing took a 6% increase over February, Yahoo took a 5% boost and more interestingly Google saw its market lead decline!

Google went from 66.69% to 64.42% and a little bit of maths has worked out that if they continue to lose 2-3% per month and Bing continues the trend of gaining 5-6% each month then by 2012 Bing could overtake Google.

But what are the reasons for the decline in so many people using Google?

Most recently it has been found that although 66% of all searches in July were conducted using Google’s search engine over 80% of searches conducted on Yahoo and Bing were successful compared with just 68% successful searches when searching on Google.

A successful search is someone actually clicking through to a website. Now the battle of the search engines is back on. Bing is going head-to-head with Google in order to steal their domination and with Bing already jumping into second place in regards to share of the market. However assuming control of Yahoo’s back end search everything is in place for the Google Vs Bing Battle!

Brick technology web design is seeing Bing on the rise through our internet marketing meetings when we take a look at some of the statistics regarding our client’s websites. It has become apparent that Google is losing its domination and Bing is increasing in popularity.

A web design from Brick technology will not only be compatible within a number of browsers but it will work across a wide range of platforms in order to perform well within search engine results.

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