Professional & Effective Custom Web Platforms from Brickweb

Professional & Effective Custom Web Platforms from Brickweb

Brickweb has successfully designed and launched hundreds of websites, spanning right across the broad and diverse spectrum of business. Each website is the result of many hours of close work with our clients, resulting in tailored, bespoke solutions that are guaranteed to increase, enhance and improve their presence and success in the crowded, competitive online marketplace.

Whether you require a simple, fuss-free brochure website or a complex, bespoke-designed specific solution, #TeamBrick will use our 20+ years of experience to make it happen. We employ a cherry-picked team of professional coders, designers, marketers, writers and artists to create stunning, world-class websites that utilise state-of-the-art technology to give your organisation exactly what it needs for success.

E-commerce Websites

Optimised across all devices, our ecommerce websites are guaranteed to impress your customers. We can create content that takes into account the growing use of big-screen and VR/AR technology, offering your visitors the most contemporary and reliable experience when shopping online. Slow loading, something that accounts for a significant proportion of website abandonment, is a thing of the past thanks to our use of the most modern HTTP compression.

We can provide a complete suite of creative design services that allow you to display your products to the highest standard; all photos and videos are HD and retina-optimised to deliver the very best visual quality on any device. Our skilled team of internet marketers and SEO-optimisers ensure that our clients' websites enjoy pole position on all of the major search engines.

The Brick Factory

Our brand new platform aimed at the Print on Demand and Direct to Garment industries, the Brick Factory is a secure cloud portal that lets clients manage their entire merchandising factory from any device in real time. You can use a powerful suite of features and modules that improve the experience for both you and your customers, ensuring that your business remains at the cutting-edge while running as efficiently as possible.

When using the Brick Factory, you can easily synchronise with major accounting systems like SAGE and QuickBooks, letting you keep track of your financial operations. You can also integrate effortlessly with Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify and even unique third-party systems and stores. Take advantage of our AI module that can handle customer queries 24/7, improving your service to them and thus your reputation. Contact us today to book a FREE demo!

We also offer access to a range of custom platforms for things like events booking, recruitment management and hospice/­healthcare systems. Check out our website for more details and get in touch to discuss your unique requirements

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