Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click Campaigns of PPC Campaigns as they are known are a primary way to advertise on the internet. Currently the three largest advertising bases for PPC Campaigns are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

These are a great way of monitoring who comes to your website. An advertisement is placed and should someone click onto a search engine result, link or banner and lands onto your site you pay for this. However if the person sees the link but doesn’t click through then this is known as an impression.

You do not have to pay for impressions just people who actually click through to the site. Based on keyword selection it is important that when setting up PPC Campaigns you choose the correct search terms and keywords as you have to remember you are paying for these people to click through. Say you have a PPC Campaign set up with the following keywords:

This is all well and good if you provide all these services such as Brick technology however, if you have selected these keywords and in reality you are an IT company who sells laptops, computers, computer software and computer hardware then anyone who types “Web Design” into Google and lands on your site is not going to find what they are looking for and will “bounce” resulting in a high bounce rate within your web statistics. However you will have paid for this person to come through to your site and then leave – what is the point?

To be successful with PPC Campaigns you first need to identify:

Target market/audience – know who it is you are targeting for example you are not going to target a full range of baby girls clothing at boys who are teenagers.

Your budget – setting your budget too low can be a waste of time and effort but similarly setting your budget too high can end in a disaster. Budgets which are set too high could mean that halfway through the campaign your money runs out but on the other hand if it is too low then you could potentially miss out on relevant website visitors clicking through and maybe even valuable conversions.

Location and Languages – if you are targeting for example Poland it would make sense to have your advertisement translated into Polish. Similarly if it was just the UK you were targeting it would make sense to keep the advertisement in English.

Networks – do you want your advertisements to show on the Content Network or the Search Network or both?

Devices – do you want to target a mobile device audience or is it more that you want to target people who use a PC or laptop. Maybe you want to target a range of platform; Google suggest that for Mobile you have a different campaign.

Brick technology has an internet marketing service which can be implemented as part of your web design and web development. We can effectively go through any Pay Per Click Campaigns with you and show you where you can improve and make better use of your money.

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