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For quite a few years now a number of digital advertisers have been declaring that the year of the mobile has arrived however, this hasn’t been the case and it hasn’t taken off as planned. Right now it is extremely obvious that the mobile is a highly effective platform and with this in mind many companies are looking for mobile websites and mobile apps.

In the past a mobile was simply a portable landline and although this is still the case there are a number of other tasks that people use their mobiles for. Organising, sending photos and videos, browsing the internet, capturing video and photos, reading the news, playing games, sending a text and much more.

Now mobiles are being used by marketers and advertisers as an advertising platform and as a company or business if you want to keep ahead with the times then you need to move into mobile.

With the smartphone market growing massively it most definitely has not reached its maximum! In 2012 various people have predicted that the sales of smartphones will exceed that of a PC.

What are the advantages of advertising through a mobile app?

Does it even work?

Believe it or not research has shown that 73% of respondents had downloaded an app that included embedded advertising and 60% would be happy to do so again. But most interesting to note is that one in four respondents who clicked on a mobile ad actually ended up making a purchase.

Another very interesting fact is that in December 2011 only 37% of those who downloaded a mobile app actually paid for it which was down, 17% on the last year and shows that the value of a mobile app may not be in the sale of it but more in the advertising revenue that could be potentially generated.

Brick technology is highly experienced with creating mobile websites and mobile apps and so if you are interested in any of these please let us know. We are happy to discuss the various options which are available to our customers and we urge companies and businesses to definitely take a look into this because otherwise you are going to be stuck playing catch up.

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