Mobile Applications & Websites - Time to Switch!

Mobile Applications & Websites - Time to Switch!

Consumer demand for mobile websites and applications is now so high that online retailers and managers of e-commerce websites can no longer afford to ignore it and should be looking to mobilise their customers’ experiences or risk losing them for good.

Results of the latest research, revealed by the Office for National Statistics(ONS), show that a huge proportion of adults in the UK now use a mobile device to access the internet, with a significant majority of these users also shopping online. This has been driven by a combination of factors including smartphone and tablet availability along with increased access to fast 4g networks, according to the Internet Access - Households and Individuals 2015 Report 2015 released recently by the ONS.

Facts and figures from the report show:

  • 96% of adults now access the internet using a mobile phone, a massive increase on the 24% reported in 2010

  • 76% of adults have used a mobile device to access e-commerce websites and have made a purchase thereon - this represents a 23% increase in the last five years

  • 12% of all retail sales in June took place online

This rapid and ongoing increase has transformed the way we live our lives, particularly in the shopping sector. In the ‘always-on’ culture that has subsequently developed, users of mobile internet and mobile applications have become ever-more discerning, meaning that choosing a web development company with proven experience and a history of good results to create your online presence is essential.

A worrying number of e-commerce websites, retailers and brands have not yet begun to properly adapt their strategy to accommodate changing customer demand. Time appears to be running out for these organisations who, without a bespoke mobile strategy, are losing out to their more mobile-savvy competition.

It is not enough to simply provide customers with an e-commerce website. Engaging and attracting these precious customers in the crowded online marketplace is a vital step in ensuring the development and continuation of your business.

Call the Brick technology web development company now and find out how we can quickly propel you into the mobile market.

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