Let the Magpie Web Design Fly!

Just four days ago Brick technology launched Magpie Wholesale! This is a fantastic web design where visitors to the site can find wholesale products for fashion and bridal retailers who are seeking quality accessories at the very best of prices.

Just like a magpie seeks out anything which glints and glitters at them now retailers can too! Products on Magpie include tiaras, bridal hair accessories, fascinators, jewellery, children’s hair accessories, children’s accessories, accessories and even packaging for use by the retailers.

All the products have been carefully priced in order to enable a retailer to be able to compete with larger operations who are on larger budgets. This particular web design although fairly new is backed up by vast experience and knowledge from within the industry as it is linked in to Linzi-Jay and Arriana. Brick technology launched their new websites pretty recently too and you can read more about these over the next few days.

As mentioned above Magpie Wholesale has been developed as an internet only trading platform for retailers. The client came to us and after outlining exactly what they want Brick technology’s production team set about designing logos and of course the website amongst other items such as functionality.

A number of review meetings took place where the client could get hands on with our production team and design their website the way they wanted it. When the end result was achieved the client was extremely impressed with the results.

Now retailers can be a magpie and seek out some fantastic offers online, go to Magpie Wholesale today and take a look.

If you are a company looking for a website then there is no place better to come than Brick technology web design Lancashire. We have had experience within this industry for over twenty years now and are launching a number of websites every single month where our clients are amazed by the results which we can achieve.

For a world class web design contact us today on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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