iPhone 4S Released Along With the Pricing Plans

With the release of the iPhone 4s which left many disappointed as they were expecting the iPhone 5 to be release we have since seen the announcement of the pricing plans surrounding the Apple iPhone 4S.

Network providers Orange, T-Mobile and Vodaphone have all released similar deals and O2 is the only provider not to have released any pricing details so we are wondering whether they are going to offer slightly cheaper prices.

The iPhone 4S comes in either:

  • 16GB –Free of charge
  • 32GB –Free of charge
  • 64GB –Charges will be applied

If you are an orange customer then you can get a free 16GB iPhone 4S if you spend £46, £51 or £61 per month and these prices will be dependent upon free calls, texts and data allowances which are required by the user. For these prices you will be tied into a two year long contract and with the announcement of the iPhone 5 is this something that you really want to do?

However, if you are an Orange customer who wishes to get your hands on a free 32GB handset then you are looking at signing up to a £61 per month, two year contract – Ouch!

Vodaphone are similar in that they are offering a free 16GB handset if customers spend over £46 and £62 month over two years. Alternatively they can pay £51 and £67 a month over a period of 18 months.

However, if you decided to become a Vodaphone customer and you would like the 32GB iPhone 4S then it is only free to you if you have £62 a month to spend over a period of two years. Alternatively on another plan you could pay £67 a month and only be tied into a contract for 18 months.

T-mobile is keeping things simple. If you want to get your hands on an iPhone 4S free in the 16GB version then you will need to pay £45.96 a month over two years. For the bigger 32GB version then you will be looking at £61.27 a month over two years.

There is a whole range more of options available but our advice from Brick technology is to clearly outline what it is you need in regards to texts, minutes and data allowances and your budget then shop around. Make sure you check every single network out and every single offer; most importantly read the terms and conditions extremely carefully.

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