Internet Royalty

Internet Royalty

If your email subscribers, website visitors and social media followers don’t seem to be responding to your company’s news, then it’s time to address the problem. You have almost certainly heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ in relation to internet marketing and, while it could be argued that no single aspect of web design and development rules over all of the others, communication is most definitely a member of the Royal Family.

It is not only visitors who notice when a website is getting stale. Ever-more sophisticated Google algorithms are looking deeper and deeper into more and more aspects of results page rankings, including how often and how much the website is updated. Websites that receive regular attention are heavily favoured by Google in its quest for energy-efficiency - a page updated daily will be more attractive to the algorithm which will keep returning to build up a picture of the updated information, ultimately resulting in better search engine rankings.

Here are a few quick questions for you to answer about your website:

When did you last update your company’s basic info, such as FAQs, About Us page etc?

If your website has a section for ‘Special Offers’, ‘Featured Products’ & something similar, when did you last change these?

What is your procedure for communicating newsworthy items to us?

If it has been a long time since you checked the point raised in #1 (and don't forget that time moves very quickly online as technology and preferences change moment to moment), then this is of immediate importance. Review your information and rewrite if necessary - our editor is always available to help with this.

Moving on to #2, this is a common problem for many e-commerce websites. If you get a repeat visitor a week or a month down the line and they see the same products displayed in the same way with the same discounts, it affects their confidence in your company - imagine walking into a shop and everything being behind glass and there being nobody to assist you…

Our internet marketing clients receive regular news articles, professionally written by a copywriter and optimised for publication (e.g SEO, backlinks) by our technical team. For you to get the most from this part of our web development company service, communication is absolutely key - you know your customers best and sharing your knowledge with us will go a long way to improving your online reputation.

We suggest setting aside a dedicated time each week to devote to news and website updates - even if you can only spend half an hour at this task, it will be beneficial. Chat informally, talk about what’s interesting in your industry this week, who you will be supplying your products and services to in the near future, how the time of year is affecting your business, whether any of your staff are on a training course or if it’s their birthday, the list goes on. Collate your ideas into brief notes, send them to us and let our editing team do the rest.

Our powerful and intuitive e-commerce websites are loaded with features to make your experience, and so that of your customers, easy yet effective. Not sure how a feature works? Call us and ask. Sudden inspiration for a news story? Email it right away.

Content may well be King but it is nothing without its reliable, careful and powerful Queen - Communication. Start right now: simply grab a pen and paper (and a cuppa!) and share your thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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