Internet Marketing - How can news help your website?

Online news has become more popular than reading a traditional newspaper in the US. It will not be long before the same happens in Britain. Offering up to minute updates on the latest headlines through twitter, Google News and online newspapers, online news has become a social experience.

Social experience

Not only can you get the most up to date news you can also offer your opinions and share the news with your friends.

Internet Marketing - Why news helps your website

Updating your news can increase your traffic and help your site in terms of Marketing. Having fresh, unique content is an important part of Internet Marketing as leading search engine Google, will crawl your website when ever your site has been updated. This system is used so that dormant websites do not stay at the top of Google.

Headlines attract visitors

With a Brick Technology website you already have your own blog! All our news pages have a built in RSS Feed and our system will add your news story to Google. With this in mind it is important to choose an interesting story that includes your keywords. Take care choosing a title that can capture your audience and if possible a current trending topic.

Twitter News

If you do not already know Twitter and Google have joined forces. Google now feeds 'Tweets' about the latest news stories onto page one of their website. If you had Googled 'John Terry' last week you will of seen a number of Tweets for and against the former England Captain.

Internet Marketing with Brick Technology

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