Internet Marketing: Is YOUR Targeted Content Hitting the Mark?

Internet Marketing: Is YOUR Targeted Content Hitting the Mark?

The internet, particularly the e-commerce sector, continues to grow exponentially in terms of both customers and businesses. At the same time, customers are demanding ever-more personalized experiences. A strange yet very real dichotomy exists between these two facts; any attempt to meet the challenge of bridging this widening gap must be undertaken in a thoughtful, focused and strategic manner if it is to be at all successful.

Despite the efforts of owners and operators of e-commerce websites, targeting personalized content to consumers online is currently only achieving mediocre results. A new study carried out by Optimizely, a provider of DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms), has revealed that over half (51%) of consumers often feel that the targeted, personalized content they receive is 'unhelpful' and/or 'boring'. 

The Optimizely study, entitled 'The Personalized to Personal Report', sought the opinions of 1,000 UK consumers and 100 UK marketing leaders. One of the key takeaways from the research was even more sobering than the aforementioned 51% figure: a massive 70% of the consumers surveyed received personalized promotions that were 'not directly relevant to their personal interests', causing them to experience 'feelings of frustration' with the brand which sent the content. 

These shortcomings are, without doubt, negatively impacting e-commerce retailers in numerous ways, from the short-term effect of reducing potential conversions to the lasting, more severe impact on customer loyalty. The Optimizely report drove this point firmly home with its revelation that 65% of the responding consumers feel 'more loyal to a brand that has taken the time to understand them on a deeper, more personal level'.

Among the marketers surveyed, an overwhelming 83% admitted to 'heavily relying on assumptions about customers rather than high-quality insights' when it came to personalization efforts. More than seven of ten marketers (71%) also admitted that 'genera­liza­tions still form the foundation of too many personalization campaigns'. A third of the marketers surveyed blamed 'outdated technologies' for the low success rates of their targeted content. 

The research team that compiled the report concluded that, while it is indeed true that employing more modern personalization technologies will help e-commerce brands deliver relevant experiences to consumers online, it is vital that these brands focus on creating fresh, exciting and engaging content. 

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