Inkthreadable: A Case Study

Inkthreadable: A Case Study

They've been there. They've done that. But instead of buying the tshirt, users of the Inkthreadable website prefer to SELL theirs, making a tidy profit for their unique designs when they create and integrate an online shop. Inkthreadable print user designs onto any of a wide array of products; this process is done to order and drop-shipped to the buyer.

Inkthreadable is a Brick-designed website and was launched almost a year ago. A lot of thought and effort from both the Inkthreadable team and our own resulted in an intelligent, intuitive website which delivers a user-friendly interface across its many functions.

The Inkthreadable website is extremely advanced; more than just an online shop for designer garments, it allows its creators infinite creative control, giving them the ability to upload any design and apply it to any product. Though the main focus is on customised clothing (including t-shirts, sports wear, hats and more), Inkthreadable also offer designer printing onto a range of other items such as mobile phone cases, household items and decorative art pieces.

Buyers of these products can further customise many of the items to their own requirements, such as choosing a different colour or size. Once the product is ordered and paid for, Inkthreadable get to work printing the product and then deliver it to the buyer direct. Shop operators can integrate their business through apps such as Shopify and WooCommerce, enabling them to reach a larger potential audience with their designs.

Brick were responsible not only for creating the Inkthreadable website using our own uniquely powerful custom CMS; we also created the logo and print, offered studio and workhouse subscription services and provided turnkey design. In all, Brick have created and delivered a fully-integrated system for custom product manufacturers.

The challenges presented by creating such a complex website were easily met by the custom-built Brick CMS. Infinitely customisable, extremely powerful yet simple to learn and operate, the Brick CMS is at the nerve centre of all Brick websites. To find out more about this extraordinary piece of technology, get in touch with our expert team today.

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