How to Please Everyone All of the Time

How to Please Everyone All of the Time

The need to maintain a fresh, dynamic and unique presence online both in the mobile and desktop sector was made further evident in a recent study carried out by commerce marketing automation provider Bronto Software and Censuswide. The study looked at how people choose to buy products and services digitally, with the major yet not unexpected finding being that it is younger people who are driving the continuing growth in mobile shopping.

Here are some of the data from the Bronto study:

  • Overall, just under 60% of people who make purchases online do so using a laptop, which remains the most popular device for buying digitally

  • The remaining 40% of transactions were mostly carried out on a smartphone, with desktops and tablets used the least commonly

  • The 16-24 age group showed an exactly equal preference for digital purchasing using a laptop or smartphones

  • The percentage of respondents using a smartphone to make digital purchases decreased dramatically as respondent age increased - just 13% of those in the 55+ age group used a smartphone to buy online

  • 25-34 year old people are most likely to use a tablet to make a purchase at 38.6% - this age group were also the most likely to have used a wearable device for online purchases though this was still a low figure at just 5%

  • Using a desktop to make a purchase online was most popular among the 55+ age group (40.6%) and lowest among the youngest 16-24 age group (23.6%)

  • These patterns of usage roughly match ownership levels of the device in question. eMarketer has estimated that around 73.3% of all UK internet users owned a smartphone by the end of last year and that 55% of that number had used the device to make at least one purchase online.

If you are selling a product or service online then it is pretty clear from these results, which have been mirrored in other studies, that having a presence across all devices is essential. The easiest, most effective way to do this is to choose a reputable, world-class web development company like Brick to provide a responsive, adaptive website to your company. From conception to launch and regular, focused content management, we can provide a universal experience to all of your customers, whichever device they choose to access your website from.

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