Google changes, will you vanish?

Farmer/Panda Google update information

As we told you last week a big algorithm update affected many US websites and we told you that it was on its way here codenamed Farmer or Panda. What can you do? Find out if Farmer/Panda has already affected your website…

If your site gets a lot of USA traffic you will already know whether you've been downgraded. If you are not dependant on US traffic, Brick technology suggests you take some instant action because it is on it's way here. Google’s aim is to clean out poor quality web pages from their results by reducing their rankings. Sites that have used link farms, low ranking article submission sites, poor back links, low quality content or have simply copied content are affected. We hate to say “I’ve told you so”, Brick have been ethically optimising websites for years. None of our Internet Marketing or SEO clients have been affected (so far)… but, we’re not taking anything for granted.

High quality websites that have been ethically marketed should not be affected, in fact this should strengthen their positions. If you feel that you have been unfairly penalised by Google you can post here.

Google does not share their secrets with us mere mortals, but, here are some things we’ve discovered that are marking-down sites…

  • Websites with a high percentage of duplicate content whether throughout the site or even on individual pages.
  • Websites or pages with little original content.
  • Pages showing adverts that have no significance to the content.
  • Silly old-fashioned on page SEO such as over-usage of keywords and anchor text links.
  • Sites/pages with a high bounce rate.
  • Pages where visitors only stay for a short time.
  • Poor visitor return rate.
  • Low quality inbound links.
  • Low or no use of Social networking

… if Google sees a combination of any of the above, then they will rate you as “low quality” and you will fall in the rankings.

What to do if you think you have been affected or will be affected by this latest Google update…

Don't panic and contact Brick technology!

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