Google Adwords Change

Google AdWords has changed. For those of you who do not know Google AdWords is Google’s main advertising product. It generates their main source of revenue and helps them to make billions and billions year on year.

Currently Google offers:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Cost Per Thousand Advertising
  • Site-targeted Advertising

These ads are distributed locally, nationally and even inter­nati­onally. The text advertisements are short and you follow the format of one headline consisting of 25 characters with two additional lines consisting of 35 characters each. Image advertisements can be one of several different IAB, Interactive Advertising Bureau standard sizes. Billions of people use Google Adwords to advertise and market as well as a number of well know brands.

It was only through experience that Brick technology noticed that there was a new feature in how adverts are being displayed. New keywords were being added to one of our internet marketing client’s accounts; currently one of the main concepts is to house different ad groups in a campaign so you can create keyword themes and write ad text around them.

Further to this it was also advised that where possible you should have this keyword you are bidding on in your headline and ad text. Obviously when a user would search for the exact keyword or phrase Google would automatically highlight this within your text. This highlighting would hopefully make your advert stand out they would click and thus it would enhance your click through rate.

There could be huge benefits to this; time could be saved by setting up multiple ad groups. The main advantage however is appearing for a term which wasn’t exactly what you bid for it was just related. Although this is of great advantage it could unfortunately have a major disadvantage.

Websites could be shown for items which are unrelated and irrelevant. Brick technology keep control of a number of our clients AdWord campaigns however, for those who manage them themselves we strongly advise you give them the once over check and ensure everything is okay.

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