Google +1 Button!

Now you may have noticed the change on Brick technology’s website? There is now an additional button which is at the top of our page.

Almost a year after Facebook launched their “Like” buttons Google has announced its rival. The Google +1 button has launched today as part of the well known Google search engine.

The +1 button is very in keeping with the current trend, the current web market is heavily influenced by the social media. Many websites and many web designs are now created with added buttons which link to their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and these help to promote their content.

By adding a Google +1 button to your site a person can click to appreciate your content, this then recommends it for Google search. Heavily orientated around the search engine as Google change their algorithm which they tend to do extremely frequently then the +1 feature will become extremely important in regards to SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

Brick technology, web design has some top tips that you need to know about the +1 button!

  • Firstly as explained just previous it will be extremely important for enhancing your rank within the search engine. The Google will search your web page with the +1 button. Along with this, it will also accumulate the web page title and the content in response to a +1 click.
  • When a user clicks on the +1 button, the link of the content becomes visible on their Google profile providing that they are signed in. The button can be customised and made more technical but it will only ever be applicable for the URL of the page on which you have clicked upon.  Furthermore it cannot be used on personal URL’s as Google does not allow this.
  • For the button to work you do need to be signed into your Google account, it is only then that you see any personalised annotations from people who they are connected too. You should only ever click the Google +1 button if you like the content and want to recommend it to your friends.

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