Get with the Mobile Revolution — Join Brick technology Today!

Get with the Mobile Revolution — Join Brick technology Today!

According to estimates recently announced by leading digital research company eMarketer, one third of the total number of online sales in the UK will be made using a smartphone or tablet this year, rising to more than 40% by 2019.

Further estimates show that retail ecommerce in the UK is set to grow by 14.5%, reaching a total of over £60bn. The growth is driven by a range of factors including improved access to smart devices, expanding delivery options and a growing economy. This figure places the UK at the head of the global rankings, with China and the USA predicting 12% and 7.1% growth respectively.

Mcommerce sales are growing particularly quickly, with a 30.3% rise forecast for this year. eMarketer predict that retail mcommerce sales in the UK will be just under £20bn in 2015, almost doubling by 2019 to £37bn. Tablets are of particular significance, with predictions of £13.3bn for sales made using these devices - this represents 66.5% of overall retail mcommerce sales in the UK.

Speaking on behalf of eMarketer, analyst Bill Fisher said: “that mobile is playing an increasingly important role in the retail shopping habits of UK consumers is without question, be that via smartphone, phablet or tablet.“ He also mentioned that digital shopping had become mainstream in the UK long ago, adding that he believed: “device-agnostic buying, thanks to users’ familiarity with these various device types, is becoming the norm.”

The figures recently released by eMarketer are further evidence of the growing need to provide your online customers with a website that performs optimally whichever device they access it from. Brick technology are expert providers of a comprehensive suite of digital services, offering a complete bespoke package that will strongly represent your company online.

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