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Within the UK currently there are many sectors that contribute to our ever growing economy. It has been found through research however, that the internet has a larger contribution than the transport, utility and construction sectors and is making an imprint on our economy.

The economy, facts and figures!

Contributing a massive, one hundred billion pounds every year into the UK economy it is fair to suggest the internet economy is one which is truly vital.

With the recent financial crisis within the UK having devastating results such as, job losses within all sectors, redundancies and pay cuts it is brilliant to know that the internet economy actually manages to provide a massive quarter of a million jobs for members of our UK economy. With the increase in the internet economy it is argued that this will only result in the creation of more job roles.

The 100 billion pounds that the internet infuses into our economy is possibly due to the 31 billion people who each year go online to buy products and services whether it be the latest clothing or maybe even a service such as pet insurance.

UK vs America

Although it is the large American firms such as Google who dominate the internet currently, the UK is managing to fight back.

With lots of new online businesses starting up and managing to create substantial turnovers it is already proving to have positive results. Furthermore to this online businesses can actually see positive growth of their business online - is it any wonder that so many more people are turning to this powerful economy.

Brick Technology web design can help

If you are thinking of creating an online business then there is lots of “nitty gritty stuff” that you need to get your head around. You need a reliable website, one which looks professional and offers you flexibility to add and manipulate products and services as they too will change.

This is exactly what our team at Brick Technology, web design in Lancashire can provide you with. We still offer a range of support solutions including training sessions, live chat facilities with our technical support team, internet marketing and a Support Ticketing system so you will never be left in the lurch.

As always, we need you to keep on top of maintenance of your website. Check out our latest tips on maintaining your website here.

For more information, or a free quotation for a possible website contact us and we will be happy to discuss the finer details specific to yourself in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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