Five TOP Tips for Social Media Success

Five TOP Tips for Social Media Success

Social media is now a huge, integral part of most people’s daily lives, spanning across everything from entertainment to industry. Those who maintain ecommerce websites will almost certainly have already created a presence on the main social media channels but what can you do to improve engagement and responsiveness? Simply follow our Top Tips….

  • Make it Visual - human beings are intensely visual creatures and rely on sight as our primary sense. Social Media management firm BUffer carried out an experiment on Twitter and found that tweets including inline images received 18% more clicks than tweets without. Tweets with images were also found to be 98% more effective at attracting favourites and a stunning 150% better at getting retweets

  • Make it Versatile - the only thing that users of social media all have in common is that they are all users of social media. A vastly diverse range of people access information through the many channels and so it is important to frame, and reframe, your content accordingly. Know your markets and the differences between them - act accordingly

  • Spread your Net Wide - when hearing the phrase ‘social media’ most people immediately think of Facebook and Twitter. While these are the two major players, be sure not to discount the (relatively) smaller channels, which still have millions of users. These include Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram

  • Promote Yourself - advertising on social media is targeted and has an impressive response rate. World-leading research company eMarketer found that between 20 and 25% of people click social media adverts with between 14 and 17% continuing to a purchase

  • Personalise the Experience - offering exclusive deals to followers on social media really works and can get your visibility up as well through increased likes, shares, favourites and retweets etc. Nobody wants to deal with a robot and the various social media channels can humanise your business

Brick Web Development Company offer a full social media management service that can revolutionise the way your business is seen on the crucial online media. From writing and managing tweets and status updates to creating exclusive offers and managing aesthetics, our skilled team can easily create a unique social media presence for your company that will see your number of followers rising fast!

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