Ecommerce Websites and Communication

Ecommerce Websites and Communication

As if further proof were needed of the importance of the internet to our daily lives, Ofcom have published the results of their recent Communications Market 2018 Summary. Here are the data...

  • On average, people spend a full 24 hours online each week, representing double the comparable figure in 2011
  • 7 out of 10 commuters access the internet via smartphone on their journey to and from work, with social media and messaging being the two most popular activities
  • 27% of 18-34 year-olds engage in five or more online activities while commuting
  • Smartphones are the number-one internet-enabled device, with 78% of adults in the UK owning one
  • 58% of households in the UK use a tablet to connect to the internet
  • 9 out of 10 people have access to the internet at home
  • 62% of time spent online was on a mobile device
  • 45% of online advertising was in the mobile sector
  • Fibre internet connections have overtaken ADSL fixed broadband
  • People in the UK used an average of 190GB of data a month from fixed broadband lines (an increase of 58GB from last year) and 1.9GB from active mobile subscriptions (an increase of 0.6GB from last year)

For anyone involved with ecommerce, these figures show the daily-increasing importance of the internet in the battle for commercial success. Providing your customers with a seamless, modern, high-quality online experience is essential and that's where Brick Technology come into the picture.

We offer a comprehensive suite of options to help you create the online experience that your customers demand. Our websites are designed to work perfectly right across the full spectrum of internet-capable devices and we use the latest technology along with carefully-planned strategies to deliver success and excellence to our clients.

For all of your ecommerce and mcommerce needs from custom websites and mobile apps to graphic design, internet marketing, search engine optimisation and expert masterclasses, we supply the full package. Contact us today to find out more and to get your FREE website report.

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