Cyber Essentials: Creating a Safer Internet

Cyber Essentials: Creating a Safer Internet

Here at Brick Technology, we take the issue of cyber crime extremely seriously. That's why we take every possible step to ensure our systems are as safe as can possibly be, protecting our clients and their customers. Our commitment to online safety has led to us becoming officially accredited by Cyber Essentials and here we explain further about this accreditation.

Cyber attacks are on the increase, creating a very real threat of critical data being lost or intercepted and used for the purposes of cyber crime such as fraud. Several high profile cases have been reported in the media but the problem is much larger and wider-reaching. This means that implementing a bespoke, carefully-planned security strategy is nothing less than vital.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that ensures a business, in this case Brick Technology, has first identified and assessed all of its cyber security needs and has then implemented a sufficient level of security and protection against cyber attacks. Only after these processes can a business become Cyber Essentials certified.

There are five key steps to achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation and these are:

  1. Controlling access to data. Accredited companies must show that access to data is strictly controlled through safe user accounts
  2. Using a firewall. All devices must be protected by a firewall, particularly those that are designed to connect to public wifi networks
  3. Using relevant, secure software. Achieving accreditation with Cyber Essentials involves the business demonstrating that only the necessary apps, software and accounts are used
  4. Updating software and devices. All devices, software and apps must be always up to date with the latest patches and versions, eliminating potentially dangerous gaps in security
  5. Protecting from malware. Evidence must be provided that proper anti-virus protection is always used.

Our Cyber Essentials accreditation means that our clients can relax in the knowledge that the websites and mobile applications we provide for them are safe. They can also inform their customers of the accreditation, improving their profile and reputation as a secure company to do business with.

More info about Cyber Essentials can be found in another Brick Technology blog article or you can get in touch with our skilled team directly.

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