Customer Usability of Web Designs

Every single day on a worldwide basis a number of businesses choose to take the plunge and launch their business and brand online. There are a number of reasons as to why businesses choose to do this but for the most part it is so they can reach and communicate with a larger target audience as well as getting their brand out there in another form.

However, when putting your business online it is important that customer experience is taken into account. This is one of the key elements of web design and must never be compromised.

Just like in the offline world if you walk into a shop and have a bad customer experience you are unlikely to go back to that shop the online world works just the same. If a customer visits your site and has a bad experience then they are unlikely to return or recommend your website.

In 2010 a colossal number of 31 million customers purchased goods and services online. This is probably because of the 60% of UK adults which now access the internet every single day as well as a total of 73% of households which now have an active internet connection.

There are two main features to consider when thinking about customer usability within your website:

Firstly a quality web design must be achieved and all functionality on the site must work. Having your site designed by an expert like Brick technology can help you to gain credibility as well as perform correctly within the search results and work across a number of platforms.

The age old record that just doesn’t seem to stop playing... Content!

It is important that within any web design quality content is regularly delivered. This has to be both unique and engaging as well as incorporating your keywords and phrases. On a website there should always be an opening paragraph which should include your businesses unique selling point as well as a call to action.

Once these key functions have been incorporated you can enhance customer experience through items such as images, videos and audio and Brick technology have our media production services on hand to help with these.

Brick technology web design has over twenty years experience within this particular industry and invite any business who is thinking about going online to a free no obligation consultation to discuss your web design requirements with a professional.

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