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It is that age old record again of keeping your website up to date with fresh and exciting content which is unique. Brick technology seems to be playing this record over and over and it has got stuck on repeat!

However, we cannot begin to explain just how important it is and if carried out correctly it can benefit your business. One of the main ways in which content, news feeds and blogs can help is with search engine optimisation.

Getting your website noticed by search engines doesn’t have to be hard; it can be achieved by the regular update of content. Unique content which engages with a visitor will keep them onsite for longer and make them more likely to go deeper into the internal pages of your website should you have appropriate text links embedded.

A top tip from Brick technology is not to get caught up in constantly shoving products and services in their faces. Instead vary the news, yes do an occasional product spotlight but also provide information regarding your particular industry as well as giving them useful hints and tips as this is always interesting and it makes them feel like you are giving them something extra. An important factor is to ensure that you breathe life and personality into your news articles, announce company news and events and maybe even a day in the life of one of your team!

When giving useful hints and tips bear in mind that this can help your website to become an authority, when search engines see that your website is a good resource you will start to rank better within search results and when you implement key words within the articles this can help further in leading visitors towards your website.

Well known, Google has stated that interesting content which is added onto your site frequently will make people link to you naturally. It is these natural links which are the best kind of links for your website to receive. Be warned! Some other web design cowboys within the industry will actually gain you positioning illegally however it will only be a matter of time before the search engines work this out and black list you so ensure that the web design company you go with is respectable and reliable.

You can come and question Brick technology anytime, we can show you some of our websites and how they have ranked. If you type into Google, “web design, Lancashire” you will see us at number one. This has been achieved naturally through the constant update of our news feed with interesting content.

Brick technology can help you with your web design as well as web development. Our internet marketing team can work closely with you in order to help you achieve the ranking you would like within search engine results.

To book a no obligation consultation with a reputable and highly experienced web design company then contact us on 01254 277190 or email

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