Can You Feel the Flames?!

Can You Feel the Flames?!

Quick, somebody call the fire brigade! Don’t worry, there isn’t an emergency, we just want you to see some of the amazing vehicles supplied by one of our clients! Terberg DTS is a name that will be familiar to anyone involved with the fire and rescue services as a supplier of distinction, delivering a full complement of firefighting vehicles and equipment as well as developing their own in-house solutions.

Terberg DTS are based in the Halifax area of West Yorkshire and are widely regarded as the ‘premier support solution’ for the fire and rescue industry globally. With experience spanning across the civilian, industry and military fields, the company covers all manufacturers and also provides an essential repair and refurbishment service, giving new life to older vehicles. The company offer rental vehicles and have recently developed the TELSTAR, a vehicle which combines the functions of fire engine and ambulance.

Brickweb proudly represent the many diverse services offered by Terberg DTS online. We were approached by the company to build their massive, globally-accessed website based on our previous reputation for working with companies of such a large scale and were excited to take on the challenge. As with all of our clients, however, building the website was only the start of the journey and we maintain and enhance it regularly.

The website we have created for Terberg DTS is:

  • Dynamic – a global company needs a world-class presence and, right from the homepage of the Terberg DTS website, the dynamism of its structure is clearly evident. High-quality, high-definition videos immediately grasp and keep hold of the visitor’s attention, something that is particularly important for those who work in the high-pressure, fast-moving and ever changing sector

  • Informative – as well as full technical descriptions of the vehicles and equipment on offer, the Terberg DTS website is regularly updated with news articles especially written by our professional copywriter

  • Powerful – moving intuitively through the menus, a visitor to the Terberg DTS website is able to easily find the information they want and, with super-fast loading times on every device, there is no waiting around

  • We invite you to have a look at the website created and maintained by us on behalf of Terberg DTS, where you will experience for yourself the sleek functionality that only we can truly provide.

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