Build a Fan Worthy Facebook Page

As social networking sites continue to boom more and more businesses are choosing to get themselves a fan page where their customers can choose to “Like” them. Many businesses however are making the mistake of just putting their profile onto these sites and then leaving them to feed news from their main website once in a blue moon.

This isn’t the way to do it and so here Brick technology tells you how to build a fan worthy Facebook Page.

Most important is your URL and what you need to ensure is that it is branded and isn’t just the generic bunch of numbers which Facebook hands out. These numbers mean nothing to a potential customer and your actually making it really hard for them to find you. For instance:

  1. http://­facebook.­com/­brickweb
  2. http://­facebook.­com/­47643584758475

What would you rather search for?

In the past Facebook made it where you had to have 25 likes on the page before you could name the fan page however this has now been lifted and all you need to do is go to Facebook username page and set your chosen name in the URL which is better for your company branding.

Be warned though! Once you reach 100 friends then you cannot change the name of the page so choose wisely and don’t pick something which obviously will reflect badly on the company. Try and get your brand name like Brick technology web design has we choose Brickweb. However, if your brand name is unavailable then go for something relevant.

Once you have a profile set up on Facebook then imagine this as a landing page; potential customers are going to come into this page and so take them to a proper welcome tab and not just your wall. Facebook pages are becoming more and more popular and if you would like one designing then speak to us today! Brick technology create some really welcoming pages which link right back to your main site and already many of our internet marketing clients have taken full advantage of these.

Next you need to get sticky! The idea behind this is you need to make it so that people want to keep coming back to your Facebook page and engaging with you. Whether this is through a weekly competition, daily discussion or something else the visitor needs to feel they are getting something out of your Facebook page.

Break up your wall comments, news updates from your website and customer comments with images of say new products and even videos are great!

Facebook and other socials like Twitter have officially arrived! They are going to be a big thing and for businesses to erase them from marketing plans and choose not to get involved then they are going to find themselves losing out. Believe it or not 600 tweets are made on Twitter every second whilst Facebook sees 700 status updates every second!

Can you afford to miss out on all those visitors who are actively using the social networks? If you can’t then come to us and we will help you to get a social media strategy for 2012!

For help with your socials then come to Brick technology! Call us today to discuss internet marketing on 01254 277190 or email

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