Browser Wars and the Rise of Google Chrome

We have recently updated and upgraded a number of items on all our office computers at Brick technology web design and with the reinstall of certain items it was Hayley our PA to the Managing Director who panicked over not having Google Chrome anymore but why has Google Chrome become so popular?

Last weekend for a brief moment Google’s web browser, Google Chrome actually overtook Internet Explorer and when once upon a time Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was how every single person saw the World Wide Web why has Google Chrome started to rise in popularity?

Web Analytics from StatCounter were the firm who noted Chrome take the lead in the web browser wars, "While it is only one day, this is a milestone," said Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter's chief executive.

On 18th March 2012, Google Chrome was used for 32.7% of all browsing whilst Internet Explorer had a 32.5% share. This was over the weekend, but then when Monday morning came around Internet Explorer took back its market share. The statistics are based on aggregate data from more than 3 million websites and using a sample of more than 15 billion page views each month.

Why is Google Chrome rising in popularity?

Many have pointed to the simple fact that Google advertises their web browser on its homepage but in addition they have also pushed Chrome into the lives of the general public through print adverts, TV campaigns and huge online spending.

In comparison Internet Explorer is associated with IE6, the version which is inflicted on many staff by IT Departments when in reality there is an upgrade but very few take advantage and use IE9. This could be the reason why Internet Explorer usage is high during the week but then when people return home from working their preferential choice is Google Chrome.

Microsoft has fought back though in saying that the way of measuring who is in the lead in regards to the browser wars isn’t going to provide a valid representation. The only thing that Brick technology can say is that nobody can doubt there is a rising trend whereby Internet Explorer is declining and Google Chrome is growing in popularity through choice of the public.

Obviously Microsoft is arguing that their browser Internet Explorer is better and Google claim that Chrome is the better web browser option. We feel that where Internet Explorer lets their users down is in the failure to market the advantages of upgrading and thus many users dislike the IE6 because they haven’t upgraded to IE9.

Brick technology asks you!...

What web browser do you use? If you are a Google Chrome user what is it that attracts you to the Google Chrome Browser over the Internet Explorer and if you’re a user of Internet Explorer then what is stopping you from using Google Chrome?

One thing is for certain, Hayley in our office isn’t going to be using Internet Explorer anytime soon she is firmly on the side of Google Chrome in the on-going browser wars.

Which side will you take in the battle of the browsers?

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