Bridging the Gap Between Store and Site

Bridging the Gap Between Store and Site

Browsing and buying goods and services online has any advantages over the traditional method of physically visiting a business, as evidenced by the continuous growth in the number of internet traders. There are however lots of instances where the reverse is true and one of our key areas of expertise at Brick is bridging the gap; our upcoming workshop will focus on getting you closer to your customers…

The main advantages of using the internet to make purchases are clear: it saves time and often money too. But there are experiences that the internet cannot (as yet) provide, such as being able to actually handle or test the product you’re interested in and to chat with an informed member of staff. This latter is often crucial to a conversion and so it is clear that you should be providing your customers with this option.

Of course, all businesses have a telephone and this is the traditional method of making contact but more and more people are choosing a wholly online experience. This means that if their only way of contacting the business is to make a telephone call then they will often choose not to bother, instead finding another supplier who can meet their needs. As competition online is so fierce due to the sheer number of websites, finding another supplier is of no difficulty and could cost you both financially and in terms of your reputation.

The solution is a Live Chat function, which allows browsers of a website to be instantly connected with a member of your staff. This allows them the ability to ask any questions they may have as an integral part of their online experience, without ever having to leave the screen they are on. This completely replaces the need for a telephone call and is just as simple to operate.

Getting the most out of Live Chat requires some crucial information and basic training; this is what we will be offering at the Brick workshop on Friday 21st April from 2-4pm. You will learn exactly how the whole thing works, plus lots of tips and tricks from our experts to make sure every Live Chat you have is a productive one.

Call us NOW to book your place on the workshop. Or, why not use our Live Chat function?!

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