Software targeted but Brick are still on form!

Just one day after Apple launched their new software download service which would allow users to find and download applications to their Apple computers has in fact become the target for pirates.

Allegations from numerous groups claim that they have found security flaws concerning the new Mac App Store which opens Apple up to unauthorised copying. Apple had hoped that this service would mirror the success of its already existing music and mobile download services.

The new Mac App Store has popular favourites such as Angry Birds as well as over a thousand other useful applications. The difference however is that each and every application has had to go through a series of tests before they were offered out for people to download.

Pirates have however found a way to be able to purchase the paid applications for free! It really is not looking good for Apple if they don't get this glitch sorted out - fast!

Further to this a group known as Hackulous has made strong claims that they have in fact developed a programme called Kickback. Although this is not going to be launched until well after Apple have established Mac App’s they claim that they can break the protection which has been placed on any piece of App Store software.

We can only see what the future will hold for Apple and it’s Mac App Store, this is yet another issue which follows so soon after the problems which surrounded Apple iPhone’s and its built in alarm clock feature to fail.

Come on Apple – Get it together!

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