Brexit: Preparing for the Future

Brexit: Preparing for the Future

Though you can't go online, watch television or read a newspaper without hearing about Brexit, many people are still largely unaware of what the options are and how they will affect businesses in the UK. Here we break down those options for you.

Option 1: Remaining in the EU

Though this appears to be currently the least-likely option, it is still a possibility. Remaining in the EU will mean continued unobstructed trade between EU member states but prevents any other trade deals from being made.

Option 2: The Norway Option

Here, the UK would remain within the customs union, be permitted to make trade deals and be aligned closely with the regulations of the EU. The UK would also be obliged to adopt most legislation from the EU.

Option 3: The Canada Option

The UK would be allowed to make trade deals, with a preference for deals from the EU. It would entail leaving the customs union and would create a greater burden of paperwork for companies involved with exporting goods.

Option 4: The WTO Option

No preferential access to markets in the EU would be given but the UK would be allowed to make other trade deals.

At Brick Technology, we have been preparing for Brexit for some time, looking at how various outcomes will affect global trade. However the deal pans out, we assure our clients that we will continue to work at a world-class level, delivering internet marketing, website design, mobile apps and much more at a competitive price.

If you are concerned with how Brexit will affect your company then we are here to help. Call us today for expert advice.

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