Are you ready for Christmas 2010?

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....

70% of all online retail sales happen in the 7 weeks up to Christmas. The rush in 2010 will start on the 4th of November. We will be holding a special workshop in June this year just aimed at how to make the most of this. We will be helping you formulate your Christmas 2010 strategy.


The graph above shows the search flow for online sales and projected search demand for this year.

As we are all starting to learn, it can take up to 3 months to optimise your website to target peak natural search results. Even if you don't sell toys or gifts, the June workshop is still valid for you. Even if it is simply sending electronic christmas greetings, telling your clients when you will be open etc. But of course if you are an etailer then you need to plan well ahead. Last year Brick had customers only waking up on the 1st of December missing the boat.

So this is just a reminder to you to start thinking about not just Christmas, but to get one of those 2010 calendars on the wall. You know your business better than anyone, mark the seasons, understand demand and plan your activities well ahead (at least 3 months). For example right now people are buying seeds for the garden, we all know that they won't flower for a few months, so why not use this same logic for your website?

For a free online business plan evaluation please call Martin Roche Internet Marketing Manager (  or telephone 01254 277190 ), we will analyse your business trends and help you draw up a calendar of events specifically for your business.

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