An Astonishing Achievement

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter has become a part of everyday life. It has revolutionised the way people connect and has also had a startling effect on the way companies market their products and services. Facebook recently announced it had reached the incredible milestone of 1 billion people actively using the site.

Since its launch in 2004, the site has continued to grow to its present astonishing size. The billion active users, with 140.3 billion friend connections between them, have clocked up an incredible 1.13 trillion 'likes' and the thumbs-up icon is now instantly recognisable, along with the distinctive blue colouring and white F of their logo. Not satisfied with their astounding user total, Facebook have recently launched a short advertising feature titled 'The Things That Connect Us', in order to attract even more people to its site.

Many businesses take advantage of this huge market by maintaining a Facebook page. Users can be provided with relevant information about the company in a format they enjoy and can then be linked to the company's official website, dramatically increasing traffic rates. The same is true in reverse: visitors to a company's official site can be given the opportunity to connect with Facebook, allowing them to discuss the product or service either on the company's Facebook page or on their own page with friends. Allowing users to easily connect in this way provides a myriad of advertising opportunities and many people have come to expect the option as standard.

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