Add vouchers to your newsletters

A survey of Brick newsletters found that 80% of newsletters sent with promotion codes or vouchers received higher click-through rates and conversions than campaigns with no incentives. The Internet is a growing place to find vouchers and deals. Over the last three years, the number of shoppers that get their coupons online has increased by 46 percent.

Click through rates are much higher when the reader is offered an incentive. When sending out your newsletter don't forget to encourage recipients with promotions or incentives.

A recent industry survey showed that 66% of online shoppers have used promotion codes and vouchers in the past year, most to save money and 30% of these saying that it encouraged them to try a new product or service.

Brick clients have a powerful system in their control centre that easily allows you to create promo codes and discounts and apply to categories or individual products. This can be set to automatically expire at a given date/time and you can even set a minimum spend to qualify. View the userguide here.

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