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One of our newest clients is FleetSentinel, a well-established company offering a range of vehicle-mounted CCTV solutions to a diverse range of customers. Since joining Brickweb, the company has seen a sudden and dramatic increase in its customer base as more people become aware of the site through our work.

The directors of FleetSentinel have, between them, over 35 years of experience working with the Police. During this time, the pair attended and reported a large number of RTAs (Road Traffic Accidents), leading them to spot a massive gap in the market, specifically that the use of CCTV in trucks could be highly beneficial if properly managed. Realising the high levels of protection, along with the potential savings that could be made by companies with large fleets, that the system would offer, the directors set up the company with the aim of providing a practical, cost-effective service that would also allow them to pursue their passion for reducing vehicle emissions and improving road safety. Now a one-stop shop for all vehicle-mounted CCTV system requirements, FleetSentinel supply, fit, maintain and report on their CCTV solutions, saving companies a significant amount of logistical work.

FleetSentinel recognises the importance of providing consistently high levels of customer service to ensure it maintains its enviable reputation and is able to secure new business. Part of this dedication includes choosing Brickweb to create and maintain FleetSentinel's online presence, ensuring customers enjoy a secure, seamless and contemporary online experience when accessing the website.

We asked FleetSentinel if they would share with us their experience of working with Brickweb. The company were quick to respond and we are pleased to share this response with you here.

"We found Brick to be a very accommodating and friendly company, with an approach and attitude that we found refreshing. We are extremely pleased with the website they created for us, which looks great and will help push our business forward, (we have already had more enquiries through our new website than we did through our previous site). If there is ever a problem or enquiry we may have, they are always just a phone call or email away and are only too pleased to help us out. I would recommend Brick to anyone looking for a new website."

We would like to thank FleetSentinel for their quick and complimentary reply. You can visit their website at http://­www.­fleetsentinel.­co.­uk/

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