Our Gift To You

Our Gift To You

It’s almost the end of september and that can only mean one thing… it’s almost Christmas! The big day may be several months distant but as any savvy shopkeeper knows, being well prepared offers serious advantages. With this in mind, we here at Brick invite you to a very special workshop…

The amount of money spent online each year continues to grow, setting a new record every time. A significant proportion of the total is spent over the festive period and, if you want to get in on the action and claim your slice of the Christmas cake, then you’ve got to make sure that your website is big, bold and Brick enough to outshine the rest.

There are loads of things you can do to achieve this and our upcoming workshop is the ideal springboard to get you going. You’ll get all the inside info on our Festive Five…

  1. Stationery: how-to get a seamless, ultra-professional look to all of your stationery, both online and in print. Get a Christmas makeover for your company logo!

  2. Promotions: everyone loves a bargain and even more so at Christmas. Learn how to create seasonal promotions with guaranteed results

  3. Social Networking: generating a buzz and making it last throughout the festive period. Discover our practical list of simple steps and enjoy likes and shares galore

  4. SEO: the top spots on Google and other search engines are even hotter property at Christmas and we’ll show you how to get and stay there. Plus a very special SEO offer from Brick… see below

  5. Fun, Fun, Fun! Learn how to make your site exciting and interesting, whatever it is you’re selling

As an early Christmas gift, all attendees of the Festive Five workshop will receive 1 month’s free trial at www.­brickseo.­com, helping to propel your website and business to the top. You’ll find out lots of useful info about your website and its performance, as well as that of your competitors.

Come and Join us on Friday the 29th of September 2017 from 15:00. Dont forget to book your place!

Our workshops take place throughout the year and focus on a broad array of topics: this pre-Christmas workshop is by far the most popular so call us TODAY to book your place!

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